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This site is designed to allow Microsoft partners to acquire protected Windows Media Content and licenses.


Highlighted Test Cases

  Corona (v9) Player Crescent (v10) Player
Business Model Music Audio Music Video Movie Music Audio Music Video Movie
Purchase 9TC1 9TC2 9TC3 STC1 STC2 STC3
Subscription 9TC4     CTC1   CTC4
Rental     9TC5     STC4

PlaysForSure Version 2.0 - Test Cases

  What's New

8/25/06: The content used by the PlaysForSure 2.01 Kit for testing has been updated to more accurately reflect real world scenarios. We have increased the bitrate of certain pieces of content to match that frequently used by content providers. The PlaysForSure 2.01 Kit will automatically download the new content after the previous content as be uninstalled. The setup package can also be downloaded directly from this site. A link to the new content can be found in the FAQ page.

5/25/2006: The rights utilized by Test Cases STC7, STC8, STC10 and CTC11 have been changed. The Output Protection Levels have been removed to permit use of these test cases in PlaysForSure testing on devices that have output protection level restrictions.

2/10/2006: A new set of content has been added in preparation for the release of Version 2.0 of the PlaysForSure Test Kit. The content will be shipped as part of the PlaysForSure 2.0 Content Setup Package and can also be downloaded directly from this site. Links to the new content can be found at the top of the Summary page.

9/1: Added support to allow user to override the documented security levels of the Summary page, and instead use security level = 150. Added row on summary page to indicate if transfer to PD-DRM devices should work. Modified content setup package to include folder for content that will transfer to PD-DRM devices. Additional audio content added. Metering certificate modified.

7/28: Content updated to require individualization. HD content updated. Content setup package updated.

6/24: 730,800Kbps video content re-encoded to main profile, modified CTC1, video naming convention changed. Encryption keys NOT modified.

6/15: Added new content, modified CTC1, updated FAQ. Encryption keys NOT modified.

5/24: Added Artist, Album, Genre and Title metadata attributes. Encryption keys modified. Content downloaded prior to 5/24 will need to be re-downloaded.

3/29: Revised rights, new "Rights" object

2/14: Initial Release


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